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Joining the USCC
About the application process, and the benefits
and responsibilities of USCC membership.

The general internal and external functioning of the USCC depends on the
voluntary participation of its membership. Members of the USCC have been routinely
and tirelessly contributing their love, time, and energy, their organizational and technical
skills, and their physical labour and financial resources to the maintenance and operational
well-being of this organization for over seven decades.

We are proud to be part of an organization that values community, and that works on our
behalf to maintain our Doukhobor values and traditions, while at the same time addressing
common contemporary challenges and issues.

Why Become A Member?
1. To deepen your spiritual understanding, expand your cultural horizons and to belong to a caring and sharing community.

2. To interact and work directly with others to promote world peace, human rights, economic and social justice and environmental sustainability.

3. To participate and learn in a living culture while interacting with members who have expertise and knowledge of our Doukhobor Life Concept, our heritage, culture, cuisine and folk arts and crafts.

4. To assure collective exemption from military service, and to learn conflict management and resolution skills.

5. To access the trimester USCC membership newsletter, and the online discussions and other services of our website, USCC Members Online.

Download a pdf Membership Application Form  

Download the USCC Membership Application Form here. Print, fill out the form and fax or email a copy to the Grand Forks USCC Office. Please be aware that pricing schedules on the form may be outdated and that there may be a small surcharge for making an Online Paypal Payment. Please first consult with the USCC Office for latest Payment Schedules. And If so inclined, you can make an Online Paypal payment for your membership on this page.

Contact the USCC
Contact us at 250 442-8252  or 250 365-3613 to find out more about becoming a member of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ – and start enjoying all the benefits that USCC membership has to offer!



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