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Laura Verigin Award
March 06, 2009


Members GF Ladies Group

Members GF Ladies Group


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Membership Requirement

All ladies who are members of the USCC are required to serve at least four years on the Grand Forks USCC Ladies Committee. In the event that someone is unable to serve, they may pay $400 to the replacement via the Treasurer of the USCC Ladies Organization; and the Ladies Committee will hire the replacement.


Committee Structure

Ten ladies serve on the Ladies Committee for a one year term. Five ladies start their term in January and serve for one full year and five ladies start in June and serve for a full year. This provides continuity in the Ladies Committee.

Positions on the Ladies Committee:
Chairperson (USCC member)
Secretary (USCC member)
Treasurer (USCC member)
Funeral Groups Liaison (USCC member)
Members -six




Cooking Group Information

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Grand Forks USCC Ladies Organization

The Grand Forks Ladies Organization consists of a group of women mainly of Doukhobor background who are members and non-members of the USCC.  All ladies who are members of the USCC are automatically members of the Grand Forks USCC Ladies Organization.  The Grand Forks Ladies Organization consists of two parts: the Ladies Committee and the Funeral Cooking Groups.  All members are placed on a Funeral Cooking Group and then ten members serve as well on the Ladies Committee.  The purpose and function of each group is stated below.


Objectives of the Ladies Committee:

1. Supervise Funeral Cooking Groups
  • Phone heads of funeral cooking groups notifying them two turns ahead of whenever it is their turn to cook.

  • Keep all funeral group lists up to date.

  • Gather heads of groups half an hour before Annual Meeting in January and brief them on procedures and collection of dues and help mediate any problems.

  • Be responsible for organizing and running the annual Spring and Fall Luncheons.

  • 2. Spring and Fall Luncheon Fundraisers

  • Be responsible for organizing and running the annual Spring and Fall Luncheons.

  • 3. Provide Wedding Banquet Service

  • Be responsible for meeting with the families of the wedding party to discuss the menu and the setup of tables for banquet.

  • 4. Host Luncheons for Visiting Groups

  • Host luncheons for visiting groups when official request is received from the USCC Executive Committee or the USCC Administrative Office.

  • 5. Spring Clean-Up of Centre

  • In conjunction with the USCC Administration organize the annual spring clean-up of the USCC Centre by setting a date and by phoning the heads of groups who in turn phone their groups to get volunteers for help (a minimum of 2).

  • The Ladies Committee is responsible for cleaning the kitchen, the pie room and the storage roomThe Ladies Committee is responsible for preparing a lunch for all the help.

  • 6. Hold Fund Raising Activities for Kitchen Upkeep and Donations Purposes

  • Hold fund raising activities during the year.

  • Have a contingency fund of $50 000 available for purchase of kitchen supplies and equipment.

  • Make other funds available for donations to various organizations in town and to our   own USCC Organization.

  • Purchase new supplies when necessary.

  • 7. Maintain Flower Beds at the Grand Forks Community Centre

  • Weed flower beds and trim shrubs in flower beds.

  • Purchase and plant flowers for flower beds.

  • Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings
    The annual meeting shall be held on the last Monday in January.
    The semi-annual meeting shall be held on the last Monday in June.


    GF USCC Ladies Organization - 2007 Activities

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    Photos - USCC Ladies Catering Events

    Top -  Arun Ghandi Visit,  July 4, 2007
    Bottom - J.J.Verigin Sr's 86th Birthday
    Party Celebration












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