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Hospitality - Cooking the Doukhobor way

Unique vegetarian recipes for traditional Doukhobor dishes, prepared the Doukhobor way.  Featuring over 200 submissions from Doukhobor family kitchens across Canada.

Doukhobor Specialties Past and Present
Community Cooking
Breads and Breakfasts
Soups Salads and Dressings
Family Favourites - Vegetables and Casseroles
Squares Pies and Desserts
Cookies Cakes and Muffins
Appetizers Snacks and Beverages
Pickles and Preserves

Published by the USCC Centennial Cookbook Committee,
Printed in Canada, 1995, 240 pages.

Proceeds from the sale of "Hospitality" are donated to our local Peace, Human Rights and Justice Working Group.


Doukhobor Shawl Art Cards

Two stationary Art Card editions produced by the USCC Doukhobor Cultural Interpretive Society, celebrating the traditional shawl embroidery work of Laura Verigin and talented fibre artisans, Mary Makortoff, Helenne Jones, Lisa Poznikoff, Anne Nazaroff, and the late Vera Samarodin.

Also featuring the work of well known local photographer, Lola Sherstoitoff, these cards formed the basis of a unique Art Card Project, funded by the Castlegar Arts Council and the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance in 2006.  The proceeds from the sale of these cards are used to fund the activities of the Doukhobor Cultural Interpretative Society.

Available at the Doukhobor Discovery Centre and other local vendors or:

Contact the CIS at 250 365-3613 ex 28 View Art Cards on the CIS website ...



Doukhobor Art & Graphics

Screen previews of official USCC logos, brochures, USCC Festival program booklet covers, and other graphics of possible Doukhobor interest, by Castlegar designer,
John Kalmakov.

For inquiries about the use or reproduction of these images, please contact the Grand Forks USCC Office.

250 442 -8252
Or email

The Glade Print

USCC Cultural Interpretive Society

Reproductions of this historic panoramic image depicting early Doukhobor settlement in the community of Glade circa 1911, are now being offered for sale by the Cultural Interpretive Society as a fund raising initiative.  They are being printed on heavy weight matte archival papers in their original sepia colour and are available in a variety of sizes.

For pricing and more information visit the CIS Glade Print web page here or:
Contact the CIS at 250 365-3613 ex 28



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