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2011 - Current News & Events of Doukhobor Interest

December 23, 2011 - USCC Christmas and New Year's Programs

Video Broadcast - Our USCC website is pleased to offer family members and friends who are unable to attend the Christmas and New Year's Eve Programs at the Brilliant Cultural Centre, an opportunity to view the festivities on our website. Both evening programs are scheduled for broadcast at 7:00 PM and can be viewed on our Video Streaming Page, which is accessible from a Home Page link on our main website. We thank Bill Popoff, Andy Ozeroff and Steve Malloff of the UStream Video team, as well as other members of the audio crew, for offering us this much appreciated public service.


Information for those wishing to attend these programs in person:

Saturday, December 24 - Christmas Eve Programs

Grand Forks Community Centre - 7pm

Brilliant Cultural Centre - 7pm


Sunday, December 25 - Christmas Day Moleniye

Grand Forks Community Centre - 10am

Brilliant Cultural Centre - 10am


Saturday, December 31 - New Year`s Eve Programs

Grand Forks Community Centre - 7pm

Brilliant Cultural Centre - 7pm


Sunday, January 1 - New Year`s Day Moleniye

Grand Forks Community Centre - 10am

Brilliant Cultural Centre - 10am


November 30, 2011 - New book includes Doukhobor heroine

The late Anna Petrovna Markova has a 4-page chapter (“A Doukhobor Martyr - Anna Petrovna Markova 1902-1978”) devoted to her in the newly released book - 100 More Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces, by Merna Forster, a historical author from Victoria, BC.

Virtually all of the information contained in the chapter is derived from the Interview with Anna Petrovna, as published in Mir No. 17, May, 1979, as well as from the article, “Passing of a Doukhobor Martyr” in the same issue. The single photo is also taken from that issue of Mir. (A better reproduction of the same historical photo appears on p. 13 of the recently published Memorial Tribute to the late USCC Honourary Chairman, John J. Verigin, who was Anna Petrovna’s son.)

There is also at least one historical error. The author states that, in 1902, Peter Lordly Verigin, “…was allowed to immigrate to Canada with 500 Doukhobors…”, when, in fact, he arrived from his Siberian exile all by himself.

Despite the afore-mentioned, it is still significant that a well-regarded publication such as this one does recognize at least one Doukhobor woman from among the tens of thousands who’ve lived in Canada since 1899, a number of whom would be quite eligible to be included in any future additions to this list.

This is a second book on the same theme from this author, and both volumes make for very interesting and informative reading, so it can be hoped that a third volume is not out of the question. For more information about the book and author see

November 18, 2011 - Selkirk College Peace Studies, Hosting a Photo Display -
An Alternative Timeline of History

Selkirk College Peace Studies students will be putting on a display called 'An Alternative Timeline of History', at Selkirk College. This over 100 foot display of photos, exhibits and captions provides a timeline of history over the last thousand years.

What makes this timeline display unique is that is shows historical events that highlight nonviolence. Many of the history books and traditional timelines we learn from feature many wars, conquests and military heroes, whereas this timeline will show history from a more peaceful perspective.


This graphic exhibit features over 150 events and movements throughout history, in which everyday people have been successful in bringing peace, justice and social change through nonviolent means, and has been featured in over 1,000 locations throughout North America.


As well as featuring well-known leaders like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr, this display also brings to light lesser-known stories, such as the White Rose students' movement in Nazi Germany. Even Selkirk College students will be adding to this display by featuring their projects on nonviolent movements.


Selkirk College Peace Studies Student Karen Godbout adds "What I think is really important about the Alternative Timeline is not only that it is calling attention to our history being primarily one of war, but taking that realization a step further: that we are taught by example then, to resolve conflict through violence. A timeline of peace history helps us conceive of a different reality; a different way to solve problems."


Karen's poster presentation is of John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's movement to Imagine Peace, beginning with their Montreal Bed-In in 1969 through to Yoko Ono's many creative projects on

Location:  Selkirk College Castlegar Campus in The Pit
November 29th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.



November 17, 2011 - Mir Centre 2011 Fall Lecture Series
Samantha Nutt - Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies and Aid

John SeibertSamantha Nutt is an award-winning humanitarian and
a leading authority on the impact of war on civilians.
She is a medical doctor and a founder of War Child, an
international humanitarian organization. Dr. Nutt has
worked with children and their families at the frontline
of many of the world's major crises - from Iraq to Sudan. Committed to human rights, her humanitarian work has benefited many thousands of war-affected children globally. This lecture is part of her national tour of her new book: Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies and Aid, released on October 25, 2011.

Location: Capitol Theatre, Nelson, BC
Time: 7pm, Thursday, December 08, 2011
Cost: Adult $12 | Senior $10 | Student $10
Tickets: TIckets are available at the Capitol Theatre or online at
or by calling 250.352.6363.


October 16, 2011 - New Interpretive Sign at Paulson Summit - with information
about the Historic Train Explosion near Farron, BC

Canadian Doukhobors annually commemorate the tragic death of Peter V. Verigin at the site of the train explosion that took his life on October 29, 1924. This year's memorial will coincide with the placement of a new informational sign marking the site of this historic event, at the Paulson Summit near Farron B.C.

The sign initiative was inspired two years ago by Steven Rigby, Field Manager of the Columbia Western Rail Trail Society and Director, Harry Killough, who are in charge of this section of the recreational trail on the abandoned CPR railway between Castlegar and Christina Lake. Steven Rigby was recently successful in obtaining the necessary funding and materials for this sign and along with other volunteers, constructed and placed its wooden support structure along the trail near the site of the 1924 train explosion.

The design work and production of the actual interpretive sign was donated by John Kalmakov and Kootenay Biznet Signs of Castlegar, BC. Also contributing to this project were, J.J.Verigin of Grand Forks and Larry Ewashen of Creston BC.



Vew enlarged version of this preview here ...

A copy of this sign will also be available for viewing at the Brilliant Cultural Centre.

October 06, 2011 - Mir Centre 2011 Fall Lecture Series
John Siebert (Project Ploughshares) - Canada and the Art of War

John SeibertJoin John Siebert, co-director of Project Ploughshares, as he discusses the strong military capability at the centre of Canadian foreign policy. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, calls alternative approaches to a dangerous world "timid and trendy". From Afghanistan
to the Arctic, the "courageous warrior" is put forward as the ideal for protecting and advancing Canadian values and interests abroad. The ancient Chinese military text, The Art of War, cautions that being strong without being smart, will result in defeat.

Location: Capitol Theatre, Nelson, BC
Time: 7pm, Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Cost: Adult $12 | Senior $10 | Student $10
Tickets: TIckets are available at the Capitol Theatre or online at
or by calling 250.352.6363.


October 3, 2011 - "Peace" a new Ron Kalmakoff Youtube Video

Ron Kalmakoff

From the artist .."The video was inspired by an original song that I wrote titled, 'Beyond the Valley and the Trees' from my Turn Around CD. This evokes a deeply personal message for me, which I hope can remain so while impacting others. And time-wise it felt right. What with our crazy world swinging in the balance these days--some nations flirting and falling into disaster while a lot of individuals just trying to keep afloat--its been a real eye-opener. While working on this project I kept thinking, " How can we have come such a long way through the centuries as human beings and still be fighting one another?" Seems that when we do something positive on a personal level, as a community, or in larger numbers, we make progress and move further ahead."

Watch Youtube video ...

Ron's website ...

September 27, 2011 - Selkirk College Mir Centre 2011 Fall Lecture Series

We recognize world peace will come, not through one simple act but rather as the final outcome of thousands of smaller undertakings. Dialogue plays a key role. The Mir Lecture Series seeks to encourage this dialogue with the following inspiring speakers, promoting culture of peace in our communities. 

View event poster

For more information about the Lecture Series - call 250.365.1234


August 6, 2011 - Shadow and Light - recent photos from Hiroshima

Explore an exhibit of ten photographs by Selkirk College staff and Mir Centre Program Advisory Council member, Karen Godbout, from her May visit to Hiroshima Japan.

Karen will be on hand to discuss the photographs and answer questions.

Date: Hiroshima Day - Saturday, August 6, 2011

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Location: Mir Centre for Peace, Castlegar

August 7, 2011 - Honor the Victims of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Say No to the Nuclear Industry!

"From Mining to Electricity to Weapons equals RADIATION"

August 7, 2011 @ 3 pm 
Gyro Park in Grand Forks

Silent Auction - Speakers - Music

For info and to donate an item for the auction contact Laura at 
(250) 442-0434 or

Sponsors: Boundary Peace Initiative - USCC Working Groups - KRUNA - 
Canadian Peace Alliance

July 29-31, 2011 - Glade Centennial Celebrations

Glade Centennial Celebration - Friday July 29 - Sunday July 31, 2011.
Bring your family for a weekend of camping, crafts, food, music, activities, and history celebrating the original Doukhobor settlement of Glade. Located beside the Kootenay River between Nelson and Castlegar.



May 22, 2011  A few selected USCC Festival UStream Clips

Video clips moved to our Video Archive on this page.

May 21-23, 2011 - 64th Annual USCC Union of Youth Festival

The 64th Annual USCC Union Of Youth Festival: May 21st - May 23rd, 2011

This year's theme is Strengthening Doukhobor Connections- Forging Unity, Celebrating Culture and Sharing Hope. The three day festival kicks off at 10:00 am on Saturday, May 21, 2011 followed by the ever popular Saturday evening variety program at 7:00 pm. On Sunday, May 22, 2011 the festival begins at 9:00 am with a traditional Doukhobor prayer meeting followed by performances leading into the late afternoon. The festival wraps up on Monday, May 23, 2011 with a fun-filled family sports day including children's games, softball games and family picnics. Everyone is welcome and invited to attend.

Entrance to the Saturday night program is by advance ticket only.
For more information, email -  or
Visit the Union of Youth website here...


May 11, 2011 - Cultural Interpretive Society Art Cards Fund Raiser

A Second Series of Art Cards Celebrating Traditional Doukhobor Shawls will be on sale downstairs at the Brilliant Cultural Centre and at the Arts and Craft Training Centre throughout the Festival weekend, May 21 -23, 2011.  ... view webpage


Price: $5.00 each or 6 for $25.00. Your support will enable the C.I.S. to produce a
third series -- a documentation of shawls from our historical past.

May 08, 2011 - Mother's Day Annual Peace Walk

The walk starts on Sunday May 8, 2011, at 1:00 PM from Haynes Point Provincial Park to the Canada/US border. Bring either chairs, or blankets and umbrellas. There is parking at the border for those unable to walk. 

After the event at the border, there will be a vegetarian buffet luncheon at the Royal Canadian Legion - 8310 78 Avenue, Osoyoos (Downtown behind Home Hardware).  Luncheon tickets are $8 per person.


April 21, 2011 - Doukhobor musician back in the Kootenays

Well-known Doukhobor musician/composer/choir director, Johnny (Vanya) Popoff, a native of Grand Forks , BC , has spent the last year or so in New Zealand , and is returning to BC for a series of concerts with the folk/pop family band, LAVA.



Canadian Venues on their 2011 World Tour

Grand Forks, BC - April 21st - GFSS Centennial Auditorium
(SOLD OUT Concert - with LAVA playing to a thrilled, over capacity audience!)


Nelson, BC - April 30th - The Capitol Theatre

- A very successful LAVA Concert (despite heavy competition from the 25th annual "Festival Nelson" and other major events) - with LAVA enthusiastically received by their second large Canadian audience!


Vancouver, BC - May 7, 2011 - 7:30 PM
Vancouver East Cultural Centre, 1895 Venables St.
Advance Tickets: (604) 251-1363 - Noon to 6:00 P.M., Monday through Friday,
Noon to 4:00 P.M. Saturday (Or online: )


Kelowna, BC - May 8, 2011 - 7:30 PM
SCA Branch #17, 1353 Richter St., Kelowna, BC.
Advance Tickets: (250) 861-1140


Read a slightly revised version of an article about Lava, with a listing of other Canadian venues, that appeared in the April, 2011 issue of the USCC periodical, ISKRA -

Read an updated article here ...


Read a Boundary Communicator article - Grand Forks, April 18, 2011

View pdf file here ...


View LAVA photos and listen to sample tracks on their MySpace Web Page -


View The O'Connor's Website, including biographies of LAVA members, music samples, etc. -


April 28, 2011 - CORE Russian Language Preschool Registration

Registration for the upcoming September school year has already begun. Please contact Sharon at the preschool at 250.365.3613 ext. 23 or email Registration packages for the upcoming year are available here online by PDF.   

View CORE webpage and download registration forms ...


April 27, 2011 - Official Season Opening, (April 24, 2011)
Doukhobor Discovery Centre, Castlegar, BC

View photos by Mike Kanigan ...

Read article on Doukhobor Singing - by Frances Kanigan


March 8, 2011, USCC Union of Youth Talent Night

The USCC Union of Youth Talent Night program is being broadcast live from the Brilliant Cultural Centre on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM.  You can watch it here on our website at that time.  Live feed expired - no archive.




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