Submit a Condolence or In Memoriam Message

Honour and preserve the memory of a deceased relative or friend with your personal tribute on our USCC Doukhobor Website!

This service is available to all families and friends of the overall Doukhobor community. Your personalized condolence or message, and if contributed, an acknowledgement of the donation in their memory, will be permanently posted in the In Memoriam section of our Website.

Submitting a Condolence or In Memoriam Message is a two step process:

This can be done online, using the handy form below, or in person, at either of the USCC Offices, or by means of an email to our Website Contact email address: info(at)  - Viewers must be aware that this process is not automated and, although we will make every effort to post your message as quickly as possible, the posting will not appear online immediately. Your submitted message should comply with the following guidelines:

It should not exceed five hundred (500) words, including any poem or quotation that may be part of it.

  • Your memorial tribute may be directed to a maximum of four (4) deceased persons per message.

  • It should include the full name(s) of the deceased person(s), as well as the date and place of their passing.

  • It may be accompanied by a maximum of four (4) photos per message; photos may be in colour or black and white, and each photo must be clearly identified. (Please note: photos cannot be uploaded with the form below. If you are making your submission online, using this online form, you can send us your photo via direct email at our usual address: info(at)

  • Your message must include the amount of any donation being made in memory of the deceased person(s). A minimum donation of $10.00 to the USCC Website is suggested; all donations of $20.00 or more will receive a tax-deductible receipt at the end of each calendar year.

  • Messages may be submitted in either English or Russian or both, but any translation must be done prior to submission, and grammar and spelling must also be as accurate as possible, as the USCC Website Group does not presently have the resources to provide these services at more than a minimal level.

  • When composing your message it may be helpful to take a minute to peruse the previous messages already posted on the In Memoriam Messages page. You can also cut and paste your message into the message blank from an email or other document, if you wish.

  • All submitted messages may be subject to some minimal editing for size, accuracy
    and grammar. Please try to make your submitted message as complete and accurate
    as possible, in order to reduce the need for editing.

STEP 2 (Optional) - Make an online In Memoriam Donation
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